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We make seals using the latest CNC controlled seal making machines - the SEAL MASTER Seal Making machine from DMH Dichtungs- und Maschinenhandel GmbH.

We have 7 seal making CNC machines in a several locations. The machine can produce any hydraulic, pneumatic or oil seal in seconds and comes installed with a Windows based CAD/CAM system. It has over 100 pre-programmed seal shapes. Seal size ranges up to 600 mm for any metric seal.

Every seal that we make is examined to ensure that it is compatible with your system and will function properly. We pride ourselves in getting the seals you need to you quickly so that there is minimal downtime in your production process.

Design Ref. Design Ref. Design Ref.
TS01-P TS01-R TS02-P
TS02-PD TS02-R TS02-RD
TS03-P TS03-F TS03-S
TS04-P TS04-PD TS05-P
TS05-R TS06-P TS06-R
TS07-P TS08-P TS08-PE
TS08-R TS09-E TS09-D
TS09-P TS09-ES TS09-DS
TS09-ST TS1012-M TS1012-T
TS1315-T TS16-A TS16-B
TS16-CD TS17-P TS17-R
TS18-R TS19-F TS20-R
TS21-P TS22-P TS22-R
TS24-P TS2527-F TS2931-F
TS32-P TS35-P TS80
TS81 TS82 TS83
TS84 TS85 TS86
TS87 TS88 TS101